On CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday morning, ex-Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett ripped conservatives on CNN’s panels and appeared to call Kayleigh McEnany and Jeffrey Lord “stupid” and part of a “bullsh*t factory.” (Is CNN going to install a 5-second delay to keep curse words from broadcasting on air.)

Here’s the transcript, emphasis ours (from the 19 sec. mark in the video below):

Lovett: “Look, here’s an example. You go after Hannity on this show. Right, you say he’s intellectually dishonest, he doesn’t care about the truth, he doesn’t care what his audience cares about, right. But then you turn on CNN, and Hannity’s got a little beachhead on half the shows on this network. You turn it on and there’s a big giant panel, and you have…”

Stelter: “You mean Jeffrey Lord, Kayleigh McEnany and other Trump supporters…”

Lovett: “Absolutely. You look at that giant panel and it’s smart person, smart person, smart person, stupid person. Smart person, smart person, smart person, bullshit factory.”

Stelter: “Why does it help you to insult Trump supporters like that?”

Lovett: “I’m not insulting the Trump supporters…”

Stelter: “You just called them ‘stupid people’…”

Lovett: “I’m not calling the Trump supporters ‘stupid people.’ I’m calling the people CNN puts on television terrible representatives of the views of conservatives, they’re terrible representatives of the kind of politics we have. I mean these are not intellectually honest people. These are people building a brand. These are people willing to say anything. And the same criticism you direct at Hannity, you can direct that CNN puts on the air…”


Lovett responded to a tweet of ours disputing that he referred to Lord and McEnany as “stupid,” saying he was “careful not to distinguish who was dumb and who is a bullshit factory”:

Whatever, dude. Stelter name-dropped Lord and McEnany and Lovett followed up by calling certain panelists “stupid.”

If Lovett really wanted to clear this up he could tell us which ones he was talking about.



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