Alec Baldwin has a new movie out soon called “The Boss Baby” where the anti-Trump actor voices a baby CEO, or something.

But check out this billboard for the movie, via Baldwin’s own Twitter feed. “Ruthless and toothless” is actually the PERFECT description of Baldwin’s own portrayal of Donald Trump on SNL:

Baldwin even admitted as much in a recent interview with USA Today where he lamented accidentally humanizing the president:

Q: How long will you act as Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’?

A: I don’t know. I can honestly say I don’t think much longer. Meaning this season, I would do it. I do think that people are, I could be wrong, but I do think that people are growing, not so much weary of it, where they think it’s funny, but they don’t know if it’s achieving any practical purposes. It’s a satire that’s not really leading to the effect you hope satire will have. You know, Trump, some people would say to me very pointedly, how do you feel that you helped Trump get elected? You humanized him. And you kind of trivialized him in a way that softened him to the public. That certainly wasn’t the point.

In other words, Baldwin’s portrayal was “ruthless,” but in the end, “toothless.” Oh, and Baldwin is also a big baby.

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