According to CNN, there’s a “last-minute love for Obamacare”:

Oh really? The ORC poll actually shows that 76% of respondents want to see major changes to Obamacare or parts of Obamacare. 21% want to “Repeal parts of the law as opportunities arise, regardless of whether a replacement is ready while 55% want to “Repeal parts of the law only if replacements can be enacted at the same time.” That’s “love”?

It gets worse for CNN, however. They’re trying to say that this latest poll shows a significant bump up in the number of those who are in favor of the law:

Overall, 49% say they favor the 2010 health care law, more formally known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, while 47% oppose it. Though a mostly mixed review overall, that’s a sharp improvement compared with previous polling on the law.

More have opposed than favored the law in every CNN/ORC poll on this question from March 2010 until now. The shift in the law’s favor stems largely from Democrats and independents, while views among Republicans haven’t moved much.

But the last time CNN-ORC polled this question was in May 2015. You can’t say there’s “last-minute love” for Obamacare if you haven’t asked the question in 18 months!