As we’ve told you before, actor Tom Arnold claims he’s in possession of tapes that allegedly show Donald Trump saying bad things, including the N-word, during takes of his hit show, “The Apprentice.”

Arnold has been promising that he’ll release these tapes and other damaging information when the time is right over on Twitter on Sunday:

Arnold later tweeted that it’s more than just the videos and accused trump of “treason”:

And apparently Arnold is worried something may happen to him when he travels overseas next week. So much so that he shared all of his Trump info with someone he trusts:

It’s like a bad Tom Arnold movie: “There is one man who can save America. And that one man is … Tom Arnold.”

According to Arnold, this is information is so incriminating that he won’t even share it all with his wife:

Arnold hasn’t said when he’ll release the tapes or the other stuff, but it doesn’t sound like it will be before the inauguration:


‘Watergate level journalists are on top of this’: Tom Arnold tweetstorm hints at new revelations on Donald Trump