We have another sighting of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, this time at the final performance of the Broadway musical, “The Color Purple”:

According to the New York Times, the person most responsible for the election of Donald Trump received a “sustained standing ovation” from the crowd:

Hillary Clinton, who has kept a relatively low public profile since losing the presidential election two months ago, on Sunday showed up at the final performance of a revival of “The Color Purple” on Broadway.

Mrs. Clinton received a sustained standing ovation from the sold-out crowd, a response far warmer than the scattered booing and clapping that greeted the arrival of Vice President-elect Mike Pence when he attended “Hamilton,” just one block north, on Nov. 18. Mrs. Clinton was accompanied by her husband, Bill Clinton, and their daughter, Chelsea.

Hypocrites. Why doesn’t the audience blame her for Trump’s election?

Bill Clinton was there, too, and reportedly sang along with the cast:

Well at least these two seem happy with their retirement…


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