Get the popcorn.

Things got a little heated last night during CNN’s 2016 election special titled, “The Messy Truth with Van Jones” when a Trump supporter laid into Michael Moore over why he supported Donald Trump.

The clip starts off with Moore angrily telling the Trump supporter, “I don’t think [Trump] is going to take care of you. ” The Trump supporter — who is from Michigan and works for Chrysler — fired back, saying Trump has “done more for me than any Democrat’s done in my lifetime.”

Moore responded with, “He hasn’t done anything for you yet!”

“He’s raised the issue which is more than any of them have done,” said the Trump supporter much to Moore’s disgust. Check it out:

Earlier in the show, these two Trump supporters explained to Jones why many in rural America consider the 2nd Amendment an economic issue because so they rely on hunting to feed their families:

And here’s another funny clip from the special when Moore said the most honest thing he’s ever said — Democrats “suck”: