So this tweet from ABC News popped up in our timeline. Notice how the headline says “negative rhetoric” is what caused this NY elementary school to scrap its mock election to see if students supported Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton…

…but you have to click through to the article to actually find out what has administrators panicked. Apparently shouting, “Trump! Trump! Trump!” in the lunchroom is now deemed offensive for some reason:

“Teachers have said they’ve heard some kids in the cafeteria chanting ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ or saying they don’t want Muslims here,” said Glen Rogers, principal of Jericho Elementary School in Centereach, New York.

Unbelievable. Eventually these kids will have to enter the real world, right?

Well, the mock election wasn’t scrapped entirely…

To prevent minority students “from feeling uncomfortable,” Glen said he and the school’s teachers decided to change the mock vote for president to a vote for students’ favorite school lunch.

Hopefully these kids are OK if hot dogs beats out tacos.