Sen. Harry Reid going after FBI Director James Comey over Comey’s decision to go public with new email discovered on a shared computer of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin:

In the letter, Sen. Reid asked Comey why there has been no word on a potential FBI investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia:

So, Sen. Reid is doing the same thing he did to Romney:

It looks like this is where liberals will be going with it over the next week:

Maybe Sen. Reid is so mad because that WSJ report we told you about earlier makes it clear that the FBI is gunning for Clinton Foundation and has been trying to get copies of Clinton’s emails for that investigation?

And if you need even more evidence that there are conflicts of interest everywhere, the “Mr. McCabe” above is Andrew McCabe, the 2nd in command of the FBI and the husband of the Democratic state senate candidate who receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from the super PAC of Clinton confidant Gov. Terry McAuliffe:

Next step: review the emails: