As we told you earlier, Donald Trump will head to Mexico today to meet with President Peña Nieto, but we really don’t know why he’s going. As in, what’s in it for Trump?

Univision’s Jorge Ramos thinks the trip is alto riesgo — high risk — and that Trump could end up getting embarrassed by the very unpopular Nieto:

In the past, Nieto compared Trump to Hitler:

Nieto is very unpopular in Mexico right now. Is Trump walking into a trap where Nieto unloads on the GOP nominee for his domestic audience?

Ramos thinks Trump hopes the meeting makes him look presidential, while Nieto gets a reboot:

Former President Vicente Fox weighed in as well, telling Chris Cuomo this morning that Trump will be “rejected by everyone here in Mexico”:

Stay tuned.


Donald Trump heading to Mexico, but he’s leaving the baggage at home?