There’s no war on cops, right?

These two Orlando police officers might disagree as they were almost run over while attempting to arrest a suspect on a drug charge:

Here’s the video where you can see Jordan first fighting off the officers and then jumping into his car and speeding away:

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This thug then crashed into a “limo golf cart” that was acting as a taxi, seriously wounding the driver. From the Orlando Sentinel:

After speeding off, Jordan headed down South Orange Avenue at a high speed, ultimately crashing into a limo golf cart operating as a downtown taxi near South Lucerne Circle and significantly wounding its driver, police said.

The golf cart driver was taken to a regional hospital for treatment and is expected to survive. The officers suffered cuts, scrapes, bruising and swelling in the incident, according to the report.

The report did not indicate whether Jordan was injured.

Jordan was arrested after the crash. Inside the car, police found a drug scale, about $2,000 cash and a .40-caliber handgun, the report said.

Here’s the mugshot of the 4-time convicted felon who was out on probation:

Lock him up.