Meet Mikaela Kellner, a police officer in Sweden who is now a social-med star after this pic of her arresting a pickpocket at a park in Stockholm while sunbathing went viral:

According to this rough translation via Google, Mikaela — an 11 year veteran of the police force — saw the man acting suspiciously as he was trying to sell magazines to help the homeless. Then this idiot, thinking the lady in a bikini was an easy mark, tried to steal her phone. Oops:

A poor homeless guy as you might think trying to do the right thing . He sell newspapers rather than parasitic !! When we declines to buy his newspapers he fits in to steal my cell phone !! Very cleverly him when he sneaks down their newspapers over the phone and can then bring it with ease !! Osis for this guy because he happened to steal two poliser???? !! My initial intervention while wearing a bikini during my 11 years as police !! Pretty fun and pleasant , I must say ?? ! Beware of pickpockets , keep track of your valuables !!

This is the woman this moron targeted???

Öva, öva , öva ??!! Mitt andra pass av clean & jerk!! Ibland är det tufft, svårt men kul att lära sig nya saker!! Jag vill så gärna bli bättre på crossfit. Bästa vägen för mig är att ha en tävling att se fram mot! Så nu är jag anmäld till min första Crossfit tävling ???! MÅSTE nu lära mig ryck, stöt, muscle-ups och massa annat snabbt!! Tack grymma @f4leric och @alexanandrov för att ni vill tävla i team med mig ????! Det kommer bli såååå kul! Denna vecka kvalar vi och förhoppningsvis blir det final i augusti! #barbellscoffeeandhugs #crossfit #TeamFit4lifeAtum #fit4life #F4L #clean&jerk #cleanandjerk #olympiskalyft #morethanwellness #ompu #ompusweden #ompuathlete #mmSports #bodyscience #inov8 #inov8Sweden

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And this!

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when the lady cop in the bikini comes for you…