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Although we really like this idea from Mary Katharine Ham where Donald Trump announces his running make as it’s done on the reality TV show “The Bachelor”…

…it sounds like he’ll do it the old fashioned way — with a telephone:

Stay tuned as if this really is the case, the information should leak “.5 seconds later”:

UPDATE 11:46: Could it be Pence?

Update 12:06. Is it Pence? Roll Call says yes:

UPDATE 12:35: The New York Times reports that the Trump campaign has “signaled strongly” it’s Pence:

UPDATE 12:45. From Drudge:

Screenshot 2016-07-14 at 12

UPDATE 12:50. More from Drudge:

UPDATE 12:58 Trump spokesman Justin Miller and campaign manager Paul Manafort say no decision has been made yet: