The family of a clerk at a Fairfield Inn in Avon, Ohio called 911 on Wednesday after the clerk told them she suspected a hotel customer had pledged allegiance to ISIS while talking on multiple cell phones in the hotel’s lobby.

In other words, she saw something out of the ordinary and she said something … like we’re supposed to do.

Police showed up minutes later with guns drawn, put the man in handcuffs and later determined it was a false alarm:

The Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR), however, is now calling for an internal affairs investigation and is accusing the cops of anti-Muslim bigotry:

“Once a report comes in, police have to act, but they have to act in an appropriate manner, not based on someone’s m,” said Ibrahim Hooper, the organization’s national spokesperson.

Here’s the body-cam footage shared by CAIR where you can see for yourself if the responding officers were “Islamophobic” or not (Our verdict? Not.):

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