Add nudists to the list of Germans whose way of life is being altered by the Middle East refugee crisis:

The new refugee center is set to open on a lake next to the nudist colony. According to the report, they can walk around naked but not swim naked:

The all-male facility will house 112 asylum seekers on the pond at Radebury.

Around 400 members of the naturist club are determined to continue swimming naked.

Mrs Hoffman added: ‘We refuse to disengage from it. On our site we alone determine what we do and do not do.’

A local authority spokesman said: ‘We need the home. There is no other alternative.’

He said the bathing rules were actually in place before the asylum home was planned but are now being enforced to prevent any potential incidents.

But the nudists will still be allowed to walk around their club area naked.

The solution is obviously to screen the applicants for the new center and find refugees who are nudists and create one giant nudist colony.