Here’s a preview of Hillary Clinton’s big foreign policy speech today. Expect her to attack Donald Trump…

…but don’t expect her to talk about anything she would do:

Eventually the media will demand she address her past failures, right? RIGHT?

Trump went after Hillary at his rally in Sacramento yesterday saying she’s lying about his foreign policy proposals. From the AP:

Trump accused Clinton of lying about his foreign policy plans at a rally at an airport hangar in Sacramento, California, Wednesday night.

“She lies. She made a speech and she’s making another one tomorrow. And they sent me a copy of the speech and it was such lies about my foreign policy,” Trump said.

“They said I want Japan … to get nuclear weapons. Give me a break,” he objected. “I want Japan and Germany and Saudi Arabia and South Korea and many of the NATO nations — they owe us tremendous. We’re taking care of all these people. And what I want them to do is pay up.”

And the GOP released a statement calling her a “disaster for U.S. national security”:

Exit question:

We’ll find out at 2:30!