As Twitchy told you yesterday, Donald Trump is furious at the pro-Hillary Super PAC Priorities USA for an ad the group ran yesterday that takes on the presumptive nominee’s relationship with women. At dispute is one line from the ad which Trump (rightfully so) says was him talking about China and not bashing women.

Trump continued his onslaught last night, accusing the Paul Begala led group with outright fraud:

Although there’s been no talk of a lawsuit or anything like that … yet:

Begala fired back, hitting The Donald on Trump University and his fictitious PR man, John Miller:

As “Trump University” is probably one area where he can’t fight back due to pending litigation, maybe giving Dems an opening to discuss “fraud” wasn’t such a great idea:

Mission accomplished, Paul. Not only did the ad get under Trump’s skin, but the back-and-forth gets it more free coverage:



Donald Trump fact-checks new pro-Hillary super-PAC ad


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