BuzzFeed has a new piece out today on $150,000 in donations Donald Trump made to his son’s prep school in Manhattan and they think they think is tied to CNN head Jeff Zucker.

Here’s the headline and sub-headline:

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But once you get into the actual reporting, it’s one big nothingburger. Not only does Trump’s son attend the school, but Zucker’s wife isn’t even on the board any longer. An excerpt:

The personal ties between Donald Trump and Jeff Zucker, the chief executive of CNN, extend beyond the reality TV hit they created together into a far more personal realm: the expensive Manhattan private school where they have both sent children, and where Zucker’s wife was until recently a member of the board.

Trump’s foundation has contributed more than $150,000 over the past three years to the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, a nonprofit school on Manhattan’s Upper West Side also known as Columbia Prep. Caryn Zucker is listed as a board member for the school in tax documents covering July 2012 through June 2014.


In February 2015, five months before Trump announced his candidacy, he and his wife, Melania, posed for a photograph with Caryn at the Upper West Side school’s annual benefit. In a gallery that was initially posted on the photographer’s website, Caryn Zucker was the only person Trump was pictured with other than Melania.

So Trump gave $150,000 to his son’s school over the past three years and Melania took a picture with Jeff Zucker’s wife. That’s the scandal?

Move along, guys. There doesn’t seem like there’s anything here:


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