Meet video game director David Jaffe who told his 50,000+ Twitter followers that this awesome photo of some kids enjoying prom dressed as superheroes was “sexist.”

You see, it’s sexist because the men are “heroes” in “serious thought” while the women are “subservient” and “all smiles”:

Give us a break.

But then he really went off the rails and dropped the KKK card for some reason:

So 5 young ladies decide that they want to willingly participate in this photo with matching dresses and that’s the same as the Klan lynching somebody? Nope:

But he does give the kids permission to have sex on prom night, so there’s that:

And they can stay in school:

How nice of him.

Jaffe is “sad,” however, that some people have been mean to him for comparing a prom picture to a KKK lynching:

He doesn’t see it, does he?