One of the more controversial moments at last night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner was Larry Wilmore’s closing joke that used the N-word.

MSNBC’s Rev. Al Sharpton called it in “poor taste”:

From the Los Angeles Times:

“Many of us are against using the N-word period,” Sharpton said at MSNBC’s after party that followed the event at the Washington Hilton. “But to say that to the President of the United States in front of the top people in media was at best in poor taste.”

Wilmore, the host of Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Report,” used the term at the close of his comedy monologue at the annual glittery gathering of politicians, journalists, celebrities and dignitaries. He ended his 20 minutes of barbs with sincere personal remarks about what it means to see a black president in his lifetime.

“When I was a kid I lived in a country where people couldn’t accept a black quarterback,” Wilmore said. “Now think about that: A black man was thought by his mere color not good enough to lead a football team. And now to live in your time, Mr. President, when a black man can lead the entire free world. Words alone do me no justice. So, Mr. President, I’m going to keep it a hundred. Yo Barry, you did it, my n—a.”

Meh. Here’s the video to judge for yourselves:

And, of course, “white people” are already being warned to steer clear of the  debate:

No word yet if we can comment on Al Sharpton commenting on the N-word, but we’re pretty sure that’s not allowed, too.


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