There are some pretty damning allegations in this new report out by ABC’s Brian Ross on Donald Trump, his modeling agency and the foreign women the company hired using H1B visas. Chief among them is an accusation that the agency lied on the visa application regarding the model’s salary and full-time job status.

In the example Ross gives, the visa form says that the Alexia Palmer — a model from Jamaica — will be employed full-time at a salary of $75,000/year. That wasn’t true. The company’s lawyer Alan Garten basically admitted on camera (2:35 in the clip below) that they checked the “full-time” box even though that wasn’t the case because “this is how it’s done in the industry.”


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The model, who is now suing Trump, told Ross she felt like a “slave” working for the agency:

Trump has in the past attacked companies like Disney over allegations that they abused H1B visas at the expense of American workers:

Again, another good question for tonight’s debate. Let’s hope it get asked.