Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas — a rumored running mate for Hillary Clinton — took to Twitter yesterday in an attempt to pile on the Donald Trump–David Duke–KKK outrage train, but he did so in a way that misquoted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Castor tweeted, “Greg Abbott ‘doesn’t know’ if Republicans should disavow KKK support” and then linked to a CNN video of Abbott sitting down with Jake Tapper.

But in the video, Abbott says no such think. Transcript:

Jake Tapper: Do you think Donald Trump should decry the racists and white supremacists who are out there campaigning for him?

Gov. Abbott: You know, that’s up to him. I don’t know what the message is, but I think that Ted Cruz is going to run a very positive campaign.”


Nice try, Rep. Castro … but no.

Trump is still dealing with the fallout from Sunday when he told Tapper that he needed to do more research before he could disavow David Duke:

Trump later in the day did disavow Duke, but blamed his awkward interview on a bad earpiece:



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