As voters head to the polls today in 12 states for Super Tuesday, CNN has a new national poll out that shows Marco Rubio does the best against likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with GOP front-runner Donald Trump losing badly:

From CNN:

In the scenario that appears most likely to emerge from the primary contests, Clinton tops Trump 52% to 44% among registered voters. That result has tilted in Clinton’s favor since the last CNN/ORC Poll on the match-up in January.

But when the former secretary of state faces off with either of the other two top Republicans, things are much tighter and roughly the same as they were in January. Clinton trails against Rubio, with 50% choosing the Florida senator compared to 47% for Clinton, identical to the results in January. Against Cruz, Clinton holds 48% to his 49%, a slight tightening from a 3-point race in January to a 1-point match-up now.

Hillary, at least, is happy:

All 3 GOP candidates get crushed by Bernie Sanders: