Two thugs got the surprise of their lifetimes when they allegedly attempted to rob a T-Mobile store in Chicago yesterday … a good guy with a gun:

The then wounded suspects fled the store and were arrested at local hospital a little while later, one with a gunshot to the abdomen and an arm and the other with a gunshot to the abdomen and the groin:

He says two men entered the store and acted like they were shopping for phones for a few minutes, then pulled out guns.

One employee ran to the back to call for help while the other pulled out his own gun and fired at the two suspects. He hit one of them in the groin and the arm, and the other in the abdomen and the arm.

The men ran from the store with the employee chasing them, on the phone giving a description to police.

“Don’t rob a store or you’ll got shot in the groin” should be a PSA in Chicago.

According to reports, T-Mobile allows its employees to have guns at work as long as it’s legal and police confirmed to the Chicago Tribune that the unidentified clerk was indeed licensed to carry a concealed weapon:

An excerpt:

AJ Joudeh, who identified himself as a regional manager for T-Mobile, said the company allows employees with concealed carry licenses to have weapons at work. In the aftermath of Wednesday’s shooting, Joudeh closed the store and sent employees home for the day.

“From what I hear, they’re doing fine,” Joudeh said of the workers.

T-Mobile spokeswoman Annie Garrigan said the store is an independent dealer of T-Mobile products, not owned or operated by the company.

Both Tadros and Joudeh said the clerk had a concealed carry permit, which a police spokesman also confirmed.

That guns can be used for self defense will probably come as a shock to President Obama and other gun-grabbing Dems, but not to us:

That it does.



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