Actor John Stamos, who played the beloved “Uncle Jesse” in the hit television show “Full House,” admitted in an interview with Howard Stern that he got a woman pregnant “in his late 20’s” which led to her having an abortion:

Uncle Jesse now laments not having any children:

On getting a woman pregnant in his late 20s: “It was just bad timing. It was sort of a mutual decision,” he said of her subsequent abortion. Today, he says children are the “only thing that’s missing” from his life.

Well, duh. That’s what happens with an abortion.

Bonus. Magazine Marie Claire writes that the abortion is just “another reason to love” him:

Obviously, it wasn’t Stamos’ choice because it wasn’t his body—but it sounds like he was appropriately supportive of his partner’s decision. As if we needed another reason to love him.


And let’s do some math here. Stamos was born in 1963, which would make him 25 in 1988 and 30 in 1993. “Full House” aired from 1987-1995. Now, we don’t know the exact date of the abortion, but from what Stamos said in the interview, it looks like the abortion happened while he was starring in the family show.

Double barf.