Politico has a new piece up this morning with more information on what Ted Cruz said in that private meeting in New York City with supporters earlier this month, but it’s hardly the bombshell they were hoping for. According to Politico, Cruz is guilty of saying one thing on gay marriage in private while saying something else in public:

An excerpt:

In July, he said the Supreme Court’s decision allowing same-sex marriage was the “very definition of tyranny” and urged states to ignore the ruling.

But in December, behind closed doors at a big-dollar Manhattan fundraiser, the quickly ascending presidential candidate assured a Republican gay-rights supporter that a Cruz administration would not make fighting same-sex marriage a top priority.

Except Cruz hasn’t been inconsistent at all. Here’s former Cruz speechwriter Amanda Carpenter with the explainer:

Exactly. Politico even admits as much in their article:

While Cruz’s private comments to a more moderate GOP audience do not contradict what the Republican Texas senator has said elsewhere, they demonstrate an adeptness at nuance in tone and emphasis that befits his Ivy League background.

And many others are scratching their heads to figure out what exactly Politico thinks they’ve uncovered:


“YAWN!” is right.