Fox News is reporting this morning that the FBI has expanded its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to now see if people interviewed  gave or were pressured to give “materially false statements” from a third party.

And this is starting to sound a lot like what got Scooter Libby in trouble during the Bush 43 years:

Fox News also reports that the FBI is now doing its own review of the emails to see if classified material was transmitted:

Separately, two U.S. government officials told Fox News that the FBI is doing its own classification review of the Clinton emails, effectively cutting out what has become a grinding process at the State Department. Under Secretary for Management, Patrick Kennedy has argued to both Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Congress that the “Top Secret” emails on Clinton’s server could have been pulled from unclassified sources including news reports.

Yesterday, Fox News’ Ed Henry reported that team Clinton was telling donors that the FBI investigation was “completely overblown”:

As in “blowing up in her face?” — because that we can buy.