As we told you yesterday, Quentin Tarantino sat down for a puff-ball interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes last night and it went about as well as you’d expect.

Tarantino didn’t apologize and stood by his claim that some cops are murderers, but added that police brutality is a “problem of white supremacy”:

Tarantino even whined that the boycotts were somehow violating his 1st Amendment rights:

Sorry, pal … grab a Constitution and read it. There’s nothing in there about no economic consequences from saying something stupid that infuriates hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Fox News guest and former NYPD officer Bill Stanton pointed this out this morning saying Tarantino has his 1st Amendment right to “spout all this” but it’s within our 1st Amendment rights to speak out against him and boycott his film:

Of note, Tarantino singled out Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke:

And Clarke isn’t happy about it:

What say you Chris Hayes? Let Sheriff Clarke speak!