An Indiana man named Benjamin Miller posted a photo on Facebook of what he alleges is a bill from the IRS for $2,344 as a penalty for not purchasing Obamacare.

Editor’s note: We’re not linking to his Facebook page because of personal information visible in the photo

Mr. Miller writes in the post accompanying the pic that he didn’t buy Obamacare because his premiums jumped by over $1000 per month after his current insurance was cancelled:

Thanks Obama for the fine for not having insurance
Because the the plan I had that was 398.00 a month for my family only increased to 1400.00 a month in 2014
So I chose not to pay 1400.00 a month
So got a nice little fine
Thanks for the affordable care act.
Thanks for making it so affordable!!

The photo is starting to go viral on social media with Republican pollster Frank Luntz tweeting it to his 63,000+ followers (with Mr. Miller’s address obscured):

Many are commenting on how the penalty or tax has become the “Orwellian” sounding “shared responsibility payment”:

However, the term “Shared Responsibility Payment” is nothing new. You can read all about it over at



It will be interesting to see how much these penalties influence the Obamacare debate over the coming months.