Cosmopolitan’s Robin Marty is apparently having a slight crisis of conscience. She’s a feminist, but also becoming a really big fan of Republican Carly Fiorina:

Delicious. Here’s an excerpt where Marty explains her conundrum:

Then she released her own ad in response to Trump’s words, and that was when I truly felt myself wavering. In “Faces,” Fiorina stated, “We are not a special interest group, we are a majority of the nation,” and a part of me cheered. These are the words that I have been waiting for a candidate to say all along.

Why, I wondered, did they have to come from a candidate whose policies don’t have the same support for all women that her platitudes do?

And the kicker:

Am I feeling these conflicting emotions because right now Fiorina is essentially the Hillary Clinton I wanted to see but who still hasn’t quite managed to show up?

Keep waiting, because the Hillary Clinton she wants to show up does not exist.

Even better, however, is that Marty outed other feminist Carly fans in her piece (well, kind of):

Here’s the Guardian’s Jessica Valenti:

And Jezebel’s Erin Gloria Ryan:

Ah, don’t be scared. This is a great moment for the sisterhood! Embrace it!



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