Oh really?

More from the Los Angeles Times:

A member of the violent street gang MS-13, wanted in his native El Salvador for allegedly assassinating a government prosecutor, was captured working at a Santa Ana car dealership.

Authorities announced his arrest Friday and said he had been sent back to El Salvador this morning to face charges of aggravated homicide.

Officials allege that Javier Arnoldo Ceron Gomez, 21, was one of several Mara Salvatrucha gang members involved in the March slaying of Andres Ernesto Oliva Tejada, a top homicide prosecutor for the Salvadoran attorney general’s office. Oliva was shot multiple times by assailants on motorcycles while he parked his car.

His arrest and deportation were announced today, but he was arrested on June 11:

After learning that Gomez may be living with relatives, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and U.S. marshals began surveillance on several places earlier this year.

Investigators tracked him to a Santa Ana car dealership where he worked washing cars and took him into custody without incident June 11, agents said.

Why are we just finding out about it now?




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