We told you earlier about Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist who reportedly paid more than $55,000 to kill a lion named Cecil during a hunting trip in Zimbabwe.

Actress Debra Messing, outraged at the story, wants Palmer to lose his citizenship over it:

Granted, the way Palmer killed Cecil does sound pretty bad and there have been arrests in Zimbabwe over the lion’s death, but it’s not yet clear if Palmer himself did anything illegal. Although that could change:

Reporters are currently camped out at Palmer’s home in Minnesota:

And Palmer and his dentistry practice are getting trashed on social media:

If it turns out Palmer did nothing wrong, how does he get his life back? And if he did do something wrong, does the punishment he’s getting fit the crime?

To be continued…


Jill Filipovic timeline summary: Planned Parenthood? Fine. Shoot Cecil the lion? Unleash the mob!


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