Hillary Clinton has a splashy new video out on global warming, and it’s mostly what you’d expect. In the video, she outlines two goals she’ll set “Day 1” as president. The first being the installation of “more than half a billion solar panels” by the end of her first term; the second is more ambitious — a ten year goal to generate enough renewable energy to power every home in America.

Here it is:

And how many more times will we have to hear her talk about being a grandma? It sounds like we’ll be hearing this line a lot more in the coming days:


Things get a little a weird at the 1:57 mark, however. During a voice over where Hillary states, “We don’t hide from change, we embrace it,” the video jumps from a picture of a train, to a car, to an early airplane, and then to Iwo Jima, before finishing with a shot of some factory workers and the moon landing.

What the heck is Iwo Jima in there for?


Using Iwo Jima imagery to sell a particular political viewpoint has become somewhat of a problem of late:

We’ll have to wait and see if this becomes an issue for Hillary, too.

Earlier in the day Hillary was in Iowa talking about the need for cleaner energy sources, when this brutal reminder of what helps fuel the American economy drove on by:

When will the grandma with a brain talk about that?