Coca-Cola has a plan to fight intolerance in the Middle East and it involves sugar water, new cans and a YouTube video preaching “no labels” to Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan.

This should go over well…

It’s time for Muslims to “see with their hearts,” Coca-Cola demands!

“Through this campaign, Coca-Cola encourages the world to see without labels, but instead to open their hearts and see with their hearts,” Coca-Cola said in a statement. “Coca-Cola is removing its own iconic labels in an effort to promote a world without labels and prejudices.”

What nonsense. Coca-Cola’s can is still recognizable as a Coke. Taking the name off the can does little, except give some suit at Coca-Cola a feel-good moment to think her or she did something.

And there’s a good amount of backlash against Coke for this move as well, with many accusing the company of intolerance for the labeling of Muslims as intolerant:

Everything is intolerant!



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