Let it burn, Salon says … it’s a “legitimate political strategy”:


Here’s an excerpt, which originally appeared on the not-so-pleasant sounding, “Radical Faggot” blog:

I do not advocate non-violence—particularly in a moment like the one we currently face. In the spirit and words of militant Black and Brown feminist movements from around the globe, I believe it is crucial that we see non-violence as a tactic, not a philosophy.

Non-violence is a type of political performance designed to raise awareness and win over sympathy of those with privilege. When those on the outside of struggle—the white, the wealthy, the straight, the able-bodied, the masculine—have demonstrated repeatedly that they do not care, are not invested, are not going to step in the line of fire to defend the oppressed, this is a futile political strategy. It not only fails to meet the needs of the community, but actually puts oppressed people in further danger of violence.

Militance is about direct action which defends our communities from violence. It is about responses which meet the political goals of our communities in the moment, and deal with the repercussions as they come. It is about saying no, firmly drawing and holding boundaries, demanding the return of stolen resources. And from Queer Liberation and Black Power to centuries-old movements for Native sovereignty and anti-colonialism, it is how virtually all of our oppressed movements were sparked, and has arguably gained us the only real political victories we’ve had under the rule of empire.

In other words, riots work!

As you might imagine, there is strong disagreement as to the merits of this particular argument:

So, what neighborhoods should these political activists target next? Perhaps those of Salon’s editors?

They’d call their mamas right after they dialed 911 and asked for the police to protect them from the riots they just incited with this op-ed.

No, not a parody account — but increasingly difficult to tell the difference between what Salon really believes and those who satirize what Salon believes.



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