Actor, anti-vaxxer and Twitchy regular Rob Schneider is at it again, this time ranting about Monsanto, pesticides and GMO foods:

How will Maui’s film industry ever survive such a boycott?

Schneider also thinks it’s time to boycott companies that use RoundUp brand pesticides:

As for Schneider’s claim that a WHO report determined that glyphosate, the ingredient in RoundUp, “is cancerous”? Not really.

From NPR:

In fact, the IARC’s assessment leaves many questions unanswered, including how much risk glyphosate poses.

“What the IARC performs is hazard assessment,” says Aaron Blair, who chaired the group of scientists that prepared the IARC’s assessment of glyphosate. Blair is a scientist emeritus at the National Cancer Institute. Hazard assessment, he explains, is concerned with a simple question: Could a substance cause damage “in some circumstance, at some level of exposure?” How commonly such circumstances or exposures actually occur in the real world, he says, is an entirely different question, and not one that IARC tries to answer.

And even if glyphosate does cause cancer, the risk the scientists are worried about is tied to farm workers, not consumers or as Schneider tweets, “children”:

Glyphosate residues on food, however, are not of great concern. The chemical is used in the early stages of growing crops like soybeans, corn, and canola. Those crops, if they even reach human consumers at all, are heavily processed first, destroying any glyphosate residues.

We’d tell Schneider to stick to comedy instead of science, but he’s not very good at that either.



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