Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced earlier today that Pope Francis has accepted their earlier invitation to address Congress when he travels to the U.S. in September.

Here’s the official statement:

And Pelosi’s giddy tweet:

Hmmmm. But what if Pope Francis talks about abortion in his speech? That could get a little awkward for the abortion-rights champion.

And some Tweeters think this might be a good time for Pope Francis to excommunicate the San Francisco Democrat:

Flashback to just two weeks ago when Nancy Pelosi refused to answer a reporter’s question if an unborn baby at 20 weeks is a “human being.”

San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone later schooled Nancy Pelosi on the Catholic Church’s teachings:

After her remarks, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone told CNSNews that both science and Catholic teaching on the issue is clear.

“It is a scientific fact that human life begins at conception,” he said. “This has been established in medical science for over 100 years. Catholic moral teaching acknowledges this scientific fact, and has always affirmed the grave moral evil of taking an innocent human life.”

“This has been the consistent teaching of the Church from the very beginning, a teaching already discernible in the natural moral law, and so a teaching from which no Catholic can dissent in good conscience,” he added.

But if Rep. Pelosi is still unclear about the status of a 20-week-old unborn baby, maybe Pope Francis can answer her personally?



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