Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal, who last week apologized over racially insensitive comments she made in leaked emails posted online, just finished a 90-minute meeting with Rev. Al Sharpton in NYC where the two discussed diversity in Hollywood.

Here is Sharpton’s take:

And here is Los Angeles Times reporter Joe Bel Bruno with a summary of Sharpton’s post-meeting news conference, with the biggest takeaway being that Sharpton did not call for Pascal’s resignation … yet. How nice of him:

But why is she meeting with Sharpton in the first place?

And check this out. Sharpton has reportedly angered the young activists protesting the police:

And this … he’s a “fraud,” via Vice magazine:

Exit question: Who is Sony more afraid of, more leaks from the hackers or Rev. Sharpton? And if it’s Sharpton, why?



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