As Twitchy reported, President Obama sat down yesterday afternoon with Stephen Colbert for a taping of one of the final episodes of his fake news show, “The Colbert Report,” but any of the “content” witnessed by the hundreds of guests and members of the media at the taping was literally embargoed until the show aired at 11:30 p.m. Captain transparency strikes again.

So, now that the embargo is over, how’d the president do?

Crushed! Upstages! Hilarious! Killing it! Wow, the president is really good at this late-night thing from the looks of it.

Here’s the video for you to decide for yourselves:

But maybe the president was a little too good:

Is the president supposed to get such great reviews as the “straight man” to a television clown? Or be “cool”? Which bring us to the one great question we need to ask:

Exactly. We need a Commander-in-Chief, not a Celebrity-in-Chief

Which one do we get for the next two years?



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