White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest just confirmed that the Dianne Feinstein led Senate Intelligence Committee will release its report on CIA interrogation tactics tomorrow:

There were reports from last week that Sec. of State John Kerry had attempted to persuade Sen. Feinstein to delay the release of the report and that outreach looks to have failed. Earnest wouldn’t comment on that, however:

And many are angry that the release of this report will put American lives at risk overseas:

And count the White House and Pentagon among those worried about how the release of this report could endanger lives:

President Bush, however, issued this preemptive defense of the men and women at the CIA and the tactics used during his administration calling them “patriots” and “we’re lucky as a nation to have them”:

Ex CIA officials are rebutting the claims in the Senate report as well:

Updates to follow as this story will only get bigger tomorrow.