You really can’t make this up.

When the European Space Agency landed on Comet 67P on Wednesday, we posted this somewhat sarcastic item pointing out that the live-feed from mission control skewed to a white/male demographic:

Little did we know that our fake outrage would become real as Tweeters started to freak out over the sexy women depicted on one scientist’s shirt:

An excerpt from the Washington Post piece linked above:

Matt Taylor, who’s a great scientist and seems to also be a pretty cool dude, gave a teary, heartfelt apology for his choice of attire on the day of Rosetta’s probe landing.

“I made a big mistake, and I offended many people,” Taylor said at Friday’s media briefing, his voice trembling, “and I’m very sorry about this.”

Oh, come on! There’s no crying in science! Here’s a close-up of the allegedly offensive shirt:


Taylor, however, is getting lots of support against those who saw “casual misogyny” in his choice of attire:

You would think landing on a comet would be enough, but NOPE:

Exit question: What if that’s his lucky shirt and the only reason the landing was successful was because he was wearing it?


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