The U.S. midterms are not the only news out there and here are a few updates on some of the stories we might have missed over the past few days.

First up, Ebola, and news that the president wants a whole lot more money to fight it:

And there are a whole lot more people being actively monitored for any signs of the disease than we ever knew:

CNN will air an interview tonight with Amber Vinson, the nurse in Dallas who contracted Ebola while treating Thomas Eric Duncan from Liberia, where she’ll tell American she’s really not too sure how she was infected:

Feel safer yet?

Now on to ISIS, where there are multiple reports of horrific videos that show ISIS soldiers buying young Yazidi women and girls at slave auctions:

But don’t worry. The United States is countering this outrage with a Twitter account:

Although not everyone shares the same optimism as the U.S. State Department:

And finally, here’s the not-very-good news out of Afghanistan:

And now back to our post-election coverage.