If this report in the New York Post is true, then it’s a potential bombshell that’s certain to add to the ongoing quarantine/not-quarantine debate. The “hero” doctor getting treated for Ebola in NYC is alleged to have lied to the cops about his travels:

Ebola doctor lied about his NYC travels: sources

Dr. Craig Spencer at first told officials that he isolated himself in his Harlem apartment — and didn’t admit he rode the subways, dined out and went bowling until cops looked at his MetroCard the sources said.

“He told the authorities that he self-quarantined. Detectives then reviewed his credit-card statement and MetroCard and found that he went over here, over there, up and down and all around,” a source said.

Spencer finally ’fessed up when a cop “got on the phone and had to relay questions to him through the Health Department,” a source said.


And tweeters are outraged:

Again, if this report is accurate, then it’s not only Spencer who has to answer for this, but we need to ask what Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio knew about Spencer’s alleged fabrications when they gave their initial press conference, boldly declaring that Spencer had “handled himself accordingly.”


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