October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and The Huffington Post has published this article on just how often women should check their breasts for signs of something amiss…

This can get awkward really quickly, no?

We see women checking Facebook all the time. While waiting in the pick-up line to get their kids from school, at Starbucks, during a break while working, etc. That’s a lot of breast checking. Readers quickly noticed the problem with The HuffPo’s advice, too:

It actually gets worse. When you click through to the article, you find that the frequency of breast-checks is even greater than what’s suggested by The HuffPo’s headline. For real:

The latest one comes courtesy of the Singapore-based Breast Cancer Foundation(BCF), which aims to put an end to the disease through its educational programs and publications. The organization also advocates for regular screenings and is urging women to check their breasts for suspicious lumps as often as they check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But, who are we to argue with science. Women, start checking!