If Ms. Lerner did nothing wrong, then certainly she’d be open to speaking with Congressional investigators, no?

What a whitewash by Politico, describing her as “apolitical,” “fair,” and “didn’t talk much about politics.” She’s the victim, obviously.

She’s also a “savvy lawyer”:

And she’s a savvy lawyer: She studiously avoided answering fundamental questions about her role in the IRS scandal that could land her in deeper trouble with Congress. During her POLITICO interview, flanked by her husband, a partner at a national law firm, and two of her personal attorneys, she opened up about her life as a pariah, joked about horrible news photos and advice that she disguise herself with a blond wig, and cried when expressing gratitude for her legal team’s friendship.

Boo, hoo. She’s complaining about her legal expenses and then has two lawyers at her puff-piece interview with Politico?

Will people buy her sob-story, however?

Note: Politico did ask about her missing emails:

“How would I know two years ahead of time that it would be important for me to destroy emails, and if I did know that, why wouldn’t I have destroyed the other ones they keep releasing?”

Because, silly Lois, you can’t destroy emails on the computers of other IRS colleagues.


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