From Slate:

Actress Danièle Watts says she was briefly “handcuffed and detained” by cops in Los Angeles because they thought she was a prostitute. Her boyfriend, chef Brian James Lucas, says the cops thought they were a prostitute and john. Both of them wrote and posted pictures of the ordeal on Facebook. Watts, who played Coco in Django Unchained and stars as Martin’s Lawrence’s daughter on Partners, says the cops “accosted me and forced me into handcuffs.”

Racial profiling because actress Daniele Watts is black and she kissed her white boyfriend? Sure, go with that version of the story:

Or was it more than a kiss. Sources tell TMZ the couple was seen having sex in the car, with the door open:

Daniele Watts had just left CBS studios in the San Fernando Valley around 2 PM Thursday. She says she was making out with her BF, but we’ve learned witnesses from the nearby Directors Guild office building told cops they were watching her and her BF have full-on sex in the passenger seat WITH THE DOOR OPEN!

Are there many racists in the Directors Guild office building? Looks like it.

There’s an easy way to clear this all up. Simply call up Ms. Watts and ask her if she was having sex in her car, bearing in mind there are now witnesses who say she was.