So, after watching Lifetime’s “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story,” what should he watch next?

Err, maybe not that one, Jake:

And what’s Sunday night without a little inter-network Twitter squabble? Here’s Tapper taking on the “Today” show’s fitness correspondent Jeff Halevy on the other officer-involved shooting in Missouri last month, that of Kajieme Powell:

(Tapper did let the use of “your” vs “you’re” pass without comment, however. Never miss the easy ones, Jake)

Winner? Nobody. Brown, Powell, Eric Garner, et al. are cases that involve not only potential racism, but training and use-of-force procedures by the police. This won’t get settled on Twitter.

But this did lead to Tapper discussing his fitness routine:

Yes, we noticed the new biceps while Tapper was reporting from Ferguson in a polo shirt:


Watch out Chris Cuomo — the other anchors are coming for you:


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