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'That's Awesome!' Abby Wambach Faceplants Herself in a Discussion About Reparations (Watch)

In case you were wondering if the toxicity in U.S. women's soccer was limited only to Megan Rapinoe, Abby Wambach chimed in recently to let you know that you couldn't be more wrong. 


Wambach is also retired, but her conversation recently with a proponent of reparations is a reminder that the cancer ran far deeper than Rapinoe and will probably take years to correct, if it is ever corrected at all. Watch:

The woman speaking with Wambach here is Yaba Blay, a professor of African Amer ..., no Women's Studi ..., no, Intersectiona ..., never mind. Woke. She is a professor of woke. That's all you need to know. 

She was raised in New Orleans, but her parents emigrated to the U.S. from Ghana around the time of her birth, so bear in mind that she is asking for reparations from United States citizens for something neither she nor her family ever experienced in the United States. 

And, in case you missed it, here is the crux of her argument:

'White people, your money will not assuage your way out of guilt. You can not pay your way out of this. There are not enough reparations in the world.'

Sorry, but Megyn Kelly's got some bad news for you, Yaba.

Yep. What she said. 

But the real kicker in this conversation is not Blay's obvious grift, which she even announces herself is a grift, but Wambach's reaction to it. Just two words. Not, 'Hell, no,' not 'Get bent,' both of which would be reasonable reactions to Blay from any sane person. Nope. Wambach's response is:  


'That's awesome.'

Sigh. There really isn't much worse in the world than an AWFL. 

It only looks like an abusive relationship because it is an abusive relationship. And Blay knows it. It's Wambach who doesn't realize it. 

Sadly, there are far too many of them these days. 

The problem is that her therapist is probably just like her. 

No one living in America today owned a slave. No one living in America today ever was a slave (not in this country, anyway). And very few even experienced the kind of discrimination that existed before the CRA, except maybe as children. 


There is nothing to feel guilty for, and nothing is owed to or from anyone just because of the color of your skin. 

Parasitic rot is a great way to describe everything happening in this video. 

LOL. Now, there's an idea. 

But the truth is, people like Blay will never stop as long as there are people like Wambach who are stupid enough to agree with them, or even listen to them.

The correct answer is very simple: No. 


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