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Unhinged Union Teacher So Triggered by Corey DeAngelis Book She Lets the Mask SLIP

Sarah D.

How do you know that teacher's unions are still too powerful and thuggish? When one of their executive members can post this without fear of consequences.


Sure teacher's unions support teachers who stand up for things like literacy, free-thinking and open inquiry. But thanks to Twitter (X) we know about Randi Weingarten and how the teacher's union's priorities center on leftist causes like gender identity and Ukraine.

The country rejected their agenda, so they doubled down even as students were graduating high school with elementary school levels of reading skills. So Americans demanded alternatives and the charter school movement grew and strengthened.

Enter Corey DeAngelis, champion of school choice and focus of teacher's union rage. This brings us to the topic of the educator who cried "burn the books". You see Corey wrote a book that released today..

Which led to our Muppet Goebbels to endorse a little 1933 bonfire.


Who knew fascists have a "travel size" version?

We don't think she cares. That's how far gone our public education system is gone.

Oh, you've noticed that too?

It's amazing the horrible things you can get away with when you think you are on the "right side of history".

Protip: if you only stand up for your side, you're really not as principled as you purport to be - you're just a "win at any cost" partisan.


A parting thought regarding the 1933 book burnings. 


You know the damage must be deep for Randi Weingarten herself to weigh in.

But as Hollaria Briden notes:

And that concludes our "disband the teacher's union" presentation. Good night and drive safe!

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