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Monday Morning Meme Madness

Fuzzy Chimp (adapted from Photo by Donovan Reeves on Unsplash)

It may be Monday, but at least it's the Monday of the week we commemorate the formation of the greatest country ever conceived - a nation so great we took the word 'meme' from the British … just like we did America.


What better way then to celebrate the birth of our nation than with the best memes, jokes, and video clips that crossed our timeline in the past week?

Let's go!

… and we're off to a great start. That is almost too perfect! LOL.

HAHA … or more like 'Ah, ha, ha, ha'.

We may have watched it a few times ourselves.


It's Dogby! 😂

Wow. What kind of person would do that to their kid?

Yeah, us too.

Ha! Her face says a second date is out of the question.


Jokes about Biden's horrific debate performance against President Trump? We're glad you asked.


Yeah … EVERYONE knew it was going to be crazy in some way or another.

We're not sure what they gave him, but it didn't work.

There's not enough juice on the planet to save Biden at this point.



LOL. Dr. Jill was probably screeching 'Pull it, Jamaal! PULL IT!'


The little dude is like 20 years old. 😂



This is the way.

She's back! She always makes us laugh.


HAHA! That's a bit dark.

Hey, it will be a warm tent.

LOL. The stereotype about women being bad drivers is right up there with the idea that men will do stupid stuff to amuse themselves …

… never mind.

Checks out.

One of the highlights of the week. LOL.

We NEED this! 😂


It's uncanny! LOL!

LOLOLOL! That one nearly killed us. 💀💀💀



That definitely happened on a Monday. 😂😂😂


His name is Ricky Berwick and he's hilarious! LOL.


LOL. Do not mess with this guy.

We're pretty sure we ALL read that one wrong!


LOLOLOL! That's one way to get a birdie.

Also, that ain't no hawk. 😂

They finally found him! RIP, Waldo.

LOL! Got him!

For our classic comedy selection this week, several of you mentioned John Pinette. He was a very funny man, and we're sure you'll get some laughs from this old clip of his standup routine.

'I give that big boy one hour.' LOL.

That's gonna do it for this week, folks.

As you celebrate the Fourth this week, take some time to enjoy friends and family … and stick it to the British like this young lady … Gov'nah! 😂😂😂

Kick Monday's butt today. You've got this!

Until we meme again …

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