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Monday Morning Meme Madness

Fuzzy Chimp (RDNE Stock project from Pexels)

Another Monday is upon us - the day of the week when most of us would rather just stay in bed but we have no choice but to report for duty … and all the doody Mondays like to bring.


If you're one of the lucky few who are now retired from Mondays, God bless you! You've earned it. Have an extra chuckle at the expense of those of us still stuck in the grind. We'll get there someday!

All of us, however, are going to show this Monday who's who by having a good laugh at some of the best memes, jokes, and clips we found in our Twitter/X feed this week.

We'd bet money that was a Monday. 😂

Every dude needs some friends who will mess with him like this.


Now that would be handy!

HA! We're pretty sure her name is Karine.


True story.

That is some dark stuff right there. Yeah, we laughed.

Been there. Done that. 😂

LOL. It seems to be a reasonable compromise.

That is too perfect!

Nice meme crossover.

When he starts running … 😂

'Poop barroons'. LOL.

Guys are dumb.

Also … would.

Mondays spend all day Sunday dreading Chuck Norris coming.

'Day 52'. HA!



LOL. Yes, it's fake, obviously. It's still funny.

Well, yeah, we're talking tacos here.

Okay, that's a bit childish …


That one's pretty old, but it popped up in the feed, so here you go!

Also, that hits way too close to home.

LOLOLOL! Every time!

Perfection! 😂😂😂


Be honest now … the first thing you do when assigned mandatory training videos is search for the 2x speed button.


Compliment a dude today. You'll make his day. 😂

That kick!

LOL! That's just wrong.

(Language Warning)

She was completely sold. She's spreading the word! 💀💀💀


It's true. Coleslaw just sort of sneaks up on you.

LOL. That's a good mom right there.


Granny is a funny lady. 😂


Got her! LOL.

'You look like Willie Nelson.' And we're dead. 💀


This is what Monday steals from us. 😂


For our classic comedy selection of the week, we present the immortal WKRP Turkey Drop.

Who knew turkeys couldn't fly? LOL.

Okay, folks, we hope you have a great Monday … or at least a Monday that treats you better than this kid's Aunt Janice.

Until we meme again …

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